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locks, lox
locks (LAHKS) (noun)
1. Mechanisms which are operated by a key, keyboard, or a combination, in order to hold, close, or secure a door, etc.: There were double locks on the gates to allow entry to the High Security area of the factory.
2. Gates used in waterway navigation, between sections of water of different heights, for lowering or raising watercraft: The tourists entered a series of locks on the river to travel from one lake to the next.
3. A person's hair: People couldn't help but appreciate, or envy, Marissa's curly locks.
lox (LAHKS) (noun)
1. Smoked salmon: Phillip and Ronda had bagels and lox for lunch.
2. Liquid oxygen, especially when used as a rocket fuel oxidizer or for medical treatment [l(liquid) + ox(yen)]: LOX is a common liquid oxidizer propellant for spacecraft rocket applications, usually in combination with liquid hydrogen or kerosene.

The dermatologist used lox to get rid of the warts on Susan's feet.

The fish dealer kept the lox behind the doors with special locks.

(Greek: key; a means of locking or a thing that locks [or unlocks] a door; a key, bar, or hook; a combining form that denotes the clavicle or collarbone)
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vapor lock (s) (noun), vapor locks (pl)
The interruption of a flow of liquid with the formation of thin moisture, or gas bubbles, in a conduit; especially, an obstruction of this type in the flow of gasoline to the engine in a motor vehicle.
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