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locate (LOH kate", loh KATE) (verb), locates; located; locating
1. To discover or find out the position of something or someone: Bernice tried to track down or to locate the house of her grandparents who had lived in the town for many years.
2. To situate or to assign a place to someone: The European firm wants to locate some of its employees to its sister company in San Francisco.
3. To be established in a particular place: Ted's bank is located in the center of town so all the residents can go there conveniently.
This entry is located in the following units: -cate (page 5) loco- (page 3)
(Latin: to assign, to allot, to bestow, to give, to grant; from tribe, to give out among the tribes was tribuere which is the source of many of the words located in this unit)