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1. A more or less well defined portion of any organ, especially of the brain, lungs and glands. Lobes are demarcated by fissures, sulci, connective tissue and by their shape; called lobus in official anatomical nomenclature.
2. One of the main divisions of the crown of a tooth, developmentally representing a center of calcification.
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(Greek > Latin > French: a rounded projection, especially a rounded projecting anatomical part; such as, lobe of the ear, lobe of the liver, lobe of the lung; seed, pod)
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temporal lobe
The lobe of the cerebral hemisphere located down on the side just forward of the occipital lobe (rounded projecting part).

The temporal lobe contains the auditory cortex which is responsible for hearing. It is also the site of the seizure activity characteristic of temporal-lobe epilepsy.

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