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loath, loathe
loath (LOHTH, silent or soft as in think or nothing) (adjective)
Regarding the reluctance to undertake an activity which is against the individual's personal beliefs: Marla was loath to borrow the money from her friend even though she wanted to buy the new shoes.
loathe (LOTH, silent or soft as in think or nothing) (verb)
To feel a disgust or a great dislike: Trina is loathe to get her feet wet in the winter because she thinks it might cause her to get a cold.

Green beans are something Todd will loathe; however, because he is a guest for dinner, he is loath to say anything about it.

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loathe (verb), loathed, loathing
To feel a strong dislike and disgust for something or someone; to abhor; to hate; to detest: Mildred loathed seeing any cockroaches in her apartment.
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