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lend, loan, loan
lend (LEND) (verb)
1. To give financial aid to an individual with the expectation of repayment within a specific time frame: Bruce will lend Effie the money to buy her car and he expects her to repay it in six months.
2. To give support or assistance: Tracie will lend her son her sleeping bag so he can go camping with his friends.
3. To adjust or to accommodate: That topic will lend itself to a valuable discussion in class.
loan (LOHN) (noun)
Something given to an individual for a specific time period; and, if it is money, with an extra charge payable upon repayment: The bank agreed to give Marvin a six month loan to buy a new car at five percent interest.
loan (LOHN) (verb)
To allow someone to borrow something on the condition that it will be returned: Lucinda will loan her friend, Carl, a laptop computer which he will return as soon as his is repaired.

Mildred's school expenses were greater than she had anticipated; so, she will have to ask her father to lend her a substantial loan to help pay for her tuition.

loam, loan, lone
loam (LOHM) (noun)
1. A composition for plastering that is made primarily of wet clay: The workers mixed an excellent loam for daubing or coating the interior of the African cottage.
2. Soil which is a mixture of clay, sand, and silt: The gardener was happy with the new loam for the flower beds.
loan (LOHN) (noun)
The temporary use of something; for example, property or money for a set period of time and for a set fee which must be repaid within a specific time frame: Sam agreed to the bank’s terms for the loan so he could complete his education.
lone (LOHN) (adjective)
Solitary, without any company: Brittany was the lone student who had enrolled in the reading course.

The lone farmer went to the bank to ask for a loan so he could purchase some loam for his flower beds and field crops.

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interlibrary loan
A system by which libraries and library users can borrow books from other libraries.
This entry is located in the following units: inter-, intero- (page 8) libr-, libel + (page 1)
subprime loan (s) (noun), subprime loans (pl)
A loan offered to an individual who does not qualify for a normal loan at the "prime rate" because of his or her credit history: If a lender thinks that there is an above-average risk involved in giving a loan to a certain individual, chances are likely that the lender will offer the borrower a subprime loan, which has an interest rate "higher than the prime rate".

The subprime rate offered by a lender may be different depending on the lending institution.

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bridge loan (s) (noun), bridge loans (pl)
Primarily in the U.S., money which a bank loans to a person for a short period of time until he or she receives the money that will be provided from another source; such as, from selling a house, a car, etc.: Ernie received a notice from the bank to reassure him that the bridge loan for which he had applied was approved.
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