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electrical loading, loading
The addition of electrical inductance to a transmission line in order to improve its transmission characteristics throughout a given frequency band.
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load (verb), loads; loaded; loading
1. To put a quantity of something in or on another thing or person: The delivery man was loading his vehicle with packages.

Fidel and his wife, Petra, loaded up the car for their vacation and drove off early the next morning.

2. To supply with a large amount of something: Mike's mother loaded the table with delicious foods for his birthday party.
3. To put something necessary into a device or a machine so it can function: Ken had to load his data into his computer program so it would be available for interested visitors.
4. To board a vehicle, boat, etc. with passengers: The bus stopped several times to load and to unload passengers.

Mark loaded the products into the van so they could be delivered the next day.

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shunt load, shunt loading
An electrical load employed to make use of excess generated power when it is not needed for its primary uses; such as, a residential photovoltaic system that employs power for domestic water heating when it is not needed for purposes as operating lights or running heating systems.
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