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Quotes: Life, Living
A fashion show between our naked arrival into the world and our dressed departure: life, living quotes.
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(Latin: animal life, a living creature; living; breath; soul; mind)
(a fashion show between our naked arrival into the world and our dressed departure)
(Latin: life, living, pertaining to life, essential to life)
(Greek > Latin: fields; wild, savage; living in the fields, via ager, agri.)
(robotics engineers blend expertise from fields of biology and computer engineering to produce robots that mimic living creatures)
(cytology is the study of cells and the cell theory states that all living things are composed of cells and that all cells arise only from other cells)
(Latin: to inhabit; to live in, to live on, to live among; to dwell; living among, dwelling in; occurring on, occurring in)
(Animal health and dung beetle health: they are both vital)
(Greek: people, race, tribe, nation; group of people living together; community, family)
(from the depths of the ocean floors to the highest mountains, from dry deserts to grasslands, and the warm and wet tropical areas; all provide each form of life its preferred habitat)
(Greek: something that is wrong; sin, evil behavior; wickedness in living; misconduct; that part of theology that deals with sin or immoral deeds)
(Deep-sea animals have made attempts to light their cold and dark environments by carrying their own lights on their heads and on every other conceivable part of the bodies; including their eyes and tails and the insides of their mouths. The light they shed is living light.)
(Memories of Experiences while Living and Traveling in Many Parts of the World)
(experts say that nanotechnology will change our way of living!)
(Greek: a person who crouches; than extended to a beggar, poor; paupers; modernized meanings: street people, homeless, vagrant, living in poverty)
(the science of the living world; including the good and the bad)
(presentations of living conceptions; the medium of exchange for thoughts and ideas between people)
(presentations of living conceptions; the medium of exchange for thoughts and ideas between people)
(Latin: country, farm, land, open land; of the country, simple; living in the country)
(Latin: from Old French seculer; from Late Latin sæcularis, worldly, living in the world, not belonging to a religious order; from saecularis, pertaining to a generation or age; from saeculum, saeclum, period of a man's life, generation; period of a hundred years)
(Latin: companion, partner, ally, comrade; interpersonal relationships, living with others, allied, associated; characterized by friendliness or geniality)
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living legend in his own time *
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The Living World

George B. Johnson; Washington University; St. Louis, Missouri; McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Second Edition; A Division of the McGraw Hill Companies; New York; 2000.

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Vaseball: a game of catch played by children in the living room.
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live (verb), lives; lived; living
1. To continue to have a physical presence: Ruth hopes to live long enough to see her grandchildren grow up.

Ruth is believed to be living on borrowed time because of her illness.

2. To spend one's physical existence in a certain condition or way: People today know almost nothing about how people in the ancient cultures actually lived.

Elliott has to live frugally since the tornado has torn his house to pieces, but fortunately, he was living in a shelter when it happened.

3. To spend one's period of time, or part of it, in a specified way: Luisa was living her last years alone.
4. To continue to exist: The good that people do lives long after they are gone.

After the tornadoes, people are having difficulty living anything like a "normal" life.

5. To pursue a positive and satisfying existence: Buddy and Rhoda believe that they must accept themselves for what they are, so they can live a positive kind of life.
(a glossary of biological terms about living creatures including plants and all kinds of animal species and organisms)
(ecology is the study of the relationship between organisms and the environments in which they live, including all living and nonliving components)
(There are estimated to be 10,000 million insects living in each square kilometer of habitable land on earth or 26,000 million per square mile)
(Various living organisms are organized from the smallest unit of cells to form tissues which form organs and organs work together to form organ systems)
(one of the group of biological sciences, each of which deals with an aspect of the study of living things)
(phyla rhymes or major taxonomic groups, classifying of living organisms, into which animals are divided and made up of several classes in poetic format)
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Living off the fat of the land (Genesis 45:18)
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outdoor living
Parts of gardens, balconies, or roof terraces that are designed to be used as everyday living spaces outdoors; for example, outdoor eating or cooking areas.
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