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(Latin: to inhabit; to live in, to live on, to live among; to dwell; living among, dwelling in; occurring on, occurring in)
(Latin: to dwell, to live; have, hold; that which may be easily handled, is suitable, fit properly; clothing)
(failure in life takes place when we live and fail to learn; what we don't know, we can learn)
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live capture (s) (noun), live captures (pl)
The act or method of gathering biometric data from an individual while the person is physically present.

The term is used in conjunction with security systems that identify people based on a previous recording of one or more of their body characteristics.

Live capture is used in some automatic teller machines (ATMs) to ensure that the person making the transaction is the individual to whom the magnetic ATM card belongs. One approach is iris scanning.

The subject must look in the general direction of a camera and the eyes must be uncovered. Otherwise, the transaction will not be completed. Another approach to live capture is facial recognition, which has been suggested as a way to scan crowds for suspected terrorists.

An advantage of live capture is that relevant action can be taken at the moment the data is gathered; for example, the police can be summoned if an intruder on a property is identified as a known criminal suspect by facial recognition equipment.

In contrast, so-called dead or passive capture is used primarily to gather evidence or make comparisons of samples when the subject is not physically present.

live vaccine (s), live vaccines (pl) (nouns)
Vaccine prepared from living, attenuated organisms.

To attenuate is to taper gradually and attenuated refers to reducing the virulence (infectivity) of a pathogenic microorganism.

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live witness
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live (verb), lives; lived; living
1. To continue to have a physical presence: Ruth hopes to live long enough to see her grandchildren grow up.

Ruth is believed to be living on borrowed time because of her illness.

2. To spend one's physical existence in a certain condition or way: People today know almost nothing about how people in the ancient cultures actually lived.

Elliott has to live frugally since the tornado has torn his house to pieces, but fortunately, he was living in a shelter when it happened.

3. To spend one's period of time, or part of it, in a specified way: Luisa was living her last years alone.
4. To continue to exist: The good that people do lives long after they are gone.

After the tornadoes, people are having difficulty living anything like a "normal" life.

5. To pursue a positive and satisfying existence: Buddy and Rhoda believe that they must accept themselves for what they are, so they can live a positive kind of life.
live (adjective), more live, mos live
1. Charged or energized with electricity: Be careful and don't touch that live wire.
2. Not imaginary, but actually existing and done in front of an audience; such as a play, a concert, etc. which is performed in front of people: The play had live music which made the drama more interesting.

The TV program provided live coverage of the political debate.

People thought the soldiers were using harmless blanks; however, they were shooting live bullets.

live (adverb), more live, most live
During, from, or at the actual time when something happens; such as, a performance, an event, etc.: The students are listening to the live playing of music that is being performed by a trio of musicians in the school auditorium.

There was a live recording of final piano recital of Lynn’s mother during the performance.

(ecology is the study of the relationship between organisms and the environments in which they live, including all living and nonliving components)
(geography includes mapmakers, scientists, explorers of the earth and provides a way to look at both the physical world and the people who live in various parts this globe)
(words to live by, to inspire, and to give guidance)
(over the past century, knowledge of the way the universe works [science] has grown significantly, and with it the ability to apply that knowledge to everyday problems [technology] has changed the way people live)
(insects that live in colonies which, in some ways, resemble human cities are ants, bees, wasps, hornets, and termites)
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Troglobites, cave creatures which live buried alive;
cave-dwelling creatures; in this unit.