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litigation (s), litigations (pl)
1. The process of carrying on lawsuits or a specific lawsuit: "She is involved in litigation against the city."
2. The use of the legal system to settle a dispute or a disagreement: "Although the court proceedings took place last month, the case is still in litigation."
3. The act or process of bringing about or contesting a lawsuit or all lawsuits collectively: "The workers' complaints are still in litigation."
litigation, mitigation
litigation (LIT i gay" shuhn) (noun)
A contested legal case before the courts: Alisa was an exceptional lawyer who specialized in litigation in trials.
mitigation (MITI gay" shuhn) (noun)
The act of making something, usually a crime, less harsh or serious, or not as painful: During the conference, the two lawyers agreed to the mitigation of the sentence of the court.

The mitigation of the sentence by the judge, from life in prison to time served for the accused, brought an end to any further litigation.