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lithotripsy (s) (noun), lithotripsies (pl)
1. A procedure of comminuting or pulverizing a stone in the urinary bladder, or urethra, into small particles that can be passed out by urine: Lithotripsy was formerly done only surgically but it can now be accomplished by various noninvasive methods; such as, using a device that passes shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits.
2. The crumbling of a urinary calculus or gallstone within the body, followed at once by the washing out the fragments: The stone fragments that result from lithotripsy become small enough to be expelled during the urination process.
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electrohydraulic lithotripsy (s) (noun), electrohydraulic lithotripsies (pl)
The breaking up of kidney stones by applying an electric discharge directly to them: The electrohydraulic lithotripsy crushes a stone, or stones, within the urinary system and the fragments are immediately removed by the patient urinating them out.
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