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1. A description of stones or rocks.
2. The art of engraving on precious stones.
3. The art or process of making a drawing, design, or writing on a special kind of stone (called lithographic stone), so that impressions in ink can be taken from it.

Also, a planographic printing process using metal or plastic plates with a sensitized coating on which the matter to be printed is fixed chemically, before the non-printing areas of the plates are dampenedd and the remainder printed with greasy inks on flat-bed or cylinder presses.

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electron-beam lithography, electron beam lithography, e-beam lithography
1. Lithography in which radiation-sensitive film is exposed to an electron beam.
2. The practice of scanning a beam of electrons in a patterned fashion across a surface covered with a film called the resist, exposing the resist, and of selectively removing either exposed or non-exposed regions of the resist called, "developing".
3. Lithography in which the radiation-sensitive film or resist is placed in the vacuum chamber of a scanning-beam electron microscope and exposed by an electron beam under digital computer control.

After exposure, the film is removed from the vacuum chamber for conventional development and other production processes.