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light, light, lite
light (LIGHT) (adjective)
1. Referring to something which has little weight or less weight than usual: Samuel made every effort to make sure his suitcase was light enough to carry to the bus depot.

The backpack was light enough for Jimmy to carry.

2. Describing something which is not dark or of a deep color: Delores has light hair and a light complexion.
light (LIGHT) (noun)
1. The discharge of electricity in the atmosphere: The thunderstorm was accompanied by a display of light that was very bright.
2. A form of energy that makes it possible to see things; especially, at night: It was time to turn on the living room light.

During the storm, Lenora and her family had to use candles so they could have enough light to see their way around because the electricity had been cut off.

lite (LIGHT) (adjective)
Typically a North American reference to a food product that is calorie reduced: Adriana always tries to buy lite cheese instead of rich, fat cheese.

Because Ed wants to be light on his feet, he tends to eat lite cheese. His favorite lite cheese is light yellow in color and is made in Oregon, USA.

(Greek: stone, rock; hard consolidated mineral matter; hard matter formed from mineral and earth material; hard substance that is solid)