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Etymology: from Old French liquide, from Latin liquidus, "fluid, liquid, moist"; from liquere, "be fluid". Related to liqui "to melt, to flow".
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(Greek: juice, liquid; the semifluid material resulting from the partial digestion of food)
(from a powder to a liquid)
(Greek: bromos, a stench; because of the odor [stench] from its vapors; liquid nonmetal)
(Latin: named for the Roman god Mercurius; the symbol is from Latin hydrargyrum, "liquid silver"; liquid metal)
(Greek: upper air, purer air [alcohol and sufuric acid]; in scientific terminology, "volatile, clean-smelling, euphoria-producing liquid composed of alcohol and sufuric acid")
(Greek: sweet; used in the specialized sense of "sweet, syrupy liquid")
(Latin: gurgitare, "to flood"; gurges, gurgitis, "the gullet, a gulf, the sea"; to surge, to flood; pour, glut, gorge; whirlpool, engulf; boiling liquid)
(Latin: dip, dive, plunge; rise out of a liquid; combine into one)
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liquid membrane electrode
An electrode in which the sensing membrane is made up of a hydrophobic ion-exchange neutral carrier (ionophore) dissolved in a viscous, water-insoluble solvent.

The liquid membrane is physically supported by an inert porous matrix; such as, cellulose acetate.

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(Old English: flowan, to flow, to stream, to issue; to become liquid, to melt; to abound, to overflow)
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liquid electrolyte battery
A battery containing a liquid solution of acid and water.

Distilled water may be added to these batteries to replenish the electrolyte as necessary. Also called a flooded battery because the plates are covered with the electrolyte.

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