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links (LINGKS) (noun)
1. Computing: Segments of text or graphical items that serve as cross-references between parts of a hypertext document with other files or hypertext documents: This web site has thousands of convenient links connecting content pages to other content topics.
2. Many connecting pieces, loops, or rings which join different parts of something; nexus: Dina thought the sausage links were delicious.
3. A golf course located near the sea: For their summer vacation, Jack and Jill wanted to spend their time on the links with their friends, learning how to play this popular sport using the special hard ball and clubs.
links (LINGKS) (verb)
Used in the third person singular, to couple or to join: The strong chain securely links the two sections of the gate together.
lynx (LINGKS) (noun)
Any of a variety of wild cats in Northern Europe, Asia, and North America which are characterized by long legs, a stubby tail, a mottled coat, and tufted ears: When Helena and Jason drove through the mountains, they saw two lynx high on the cliff.

Is it possible that North American lynx have any links to the Eurasian wildcats with the same name?

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link (s) (noun), links (pl)
1. A relationship or connection between things, people, nations, etc.: The police have discovered a direct link among the series of murders.

The couple has strong links with their other family members.

The three nations have set up trade links that benefit all of their people.

2. Electronic media that make it possible for people or instruments to communicate with each other: John's web site includes links to other sites.
3. The parts of a series of metal rings connected to each other used for pulling or lifting things: Links of the chain broke while the truck was trying to pull the car out of the water.
4. A golf course: Every Saturday, Joe and his friends go out on the links to play.
link (verb), links; linked; linking
1. To join or to connect two or more things, places, etc. together in relationships: The little boy was linking the paper clips together resulting in a linked chain.
2. To cause different groups, countries, etc. to be legally joined together: Some countries are linked or united in agreement with their economic activities.
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