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linguae (plural)
Tongues or parts resembling them.
(a slip of the tongue, a mistake in uttering a word, an imprudent word inadvertently spoken; as expressed by public personalities in this series of articles)
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apex linguae (s) (noun)
The tip of the tongue: "The apex linguae is the pointed, rounded, tip of the tongue which is usually resting against the incisor teeth that are at the lower front part of the mouth."
dorsum lingua (s) (noun), dorsum linguae (pl)
The upper or higher back surface of the tongue, divided by a shallow median groove that extends backward; also called the "dorsum of the tongue".
This entry is located in the following unit: dorso-, dors-, dorsi-, -dorsal (page 3)
frenulum linguae, lingual frenulum (s) (nouns)
A fold of mucous membrane extending from the bottom of the mouth to the midline of the undersurface of the tongue: "The frenulum linguae attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and appears to restrain or to control it."
lapsus linguae
Slip of the tongue; from Latin lapsus, a slip; an error; chiefly used in Latin phrases. English pronunciation: LAP suhs LING gwee.
A man makes a bad slip of the tongue or lapsus linguae
Larry, this is Fattie; I mean, Hattie!

This shows that a lapsus linguae can be embarrassing, to say the least. The situation could also be considered a lapsus memoriae or a "lapse of memory".

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There is one more mental lapse, one that involves carelessness in writing: lapsus calami or a slip of the pen. The word calamus was a reed formerly used as a pen.

A lapsus linguae can result from laliophobia or lalophobia

In the world of human relations, a person can suffer from laliophobia (lalophobia); that is, a terror of talking or of stuttering when trying to talk.

An individual's speech difficulty may be aggravated by situations that arise from anxieties or fears of self-consciousness.

Of course, there is also the other condition called, lalomania, a compulsion or abnormal desire to talk excessively. Neither situation is considered desirable in human relations.

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lapsus linguae
Man has an embarrassing  lapsus linguae when introducing an obese lady.

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An embarrassing example of lapsus linguae.