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limpid (adjective), more limpid, most limpid
1. In language, transparently clear; easily understandable; free from obscurity: Ted's teacher was amazed at how well he wrote in such a limpid style.

The author of the book was a master of limpid writing, because it was exceptionally plain-spoken, unambiguous, and straightforward.

2. Clear and bright: Maurice's little girl had limpid blue eyes which were exceptionably beautiful.
3. Transmitting light; able to be seen through clearly: The tourists could see the rocks at the bottom of the limpid stream that ran through the city park.
4. Calm and untroubled; serene: Despite the nearly fatal accident, Sharon had a limpid attitude and response to the situation and so she was able to continue with her trip.
5. Etymology: from early 17th century via French limpide; from Latin limpidus, "clear" of uncertain origin.
Clear and transparent.
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(Latin: limpidus, clear; calm, serene; easy to comprehend or to understand)
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limpid (adjective), more limpid, most limpid
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Latin: limpidus, clear; calm, serene; easy to comprehend or to understand; in this unit.