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(Latin: suffix; pertaining to, like, of the kind of, relating to, characterized by, belonging to; action of, process of)
(Latin: a suffix that forms nouns; pertaining to, like; connected with, belonging to, resembling)
(Latin: a suffix; pertaining to, of the nature of, like; denoting an agent)
(Latin: a suffix; composed of, of the nature of, like)
(Greek: same, like, resembling, sharing in common, similar, equal)
(Greek: same, equal, like, similar, common; one and the same)
(Greek: a suffix; pertaining to; of the nature of, like; in chemistry, it denotes a higher valence of the element than is expressed by -ous)
(Latin: from -icalis, a suffix that forms adjectives from nouns; of or having to do with; having the nature of; constituting or being; containing or made up of; made by or caused by; like, characteristic of; art or system of thought; chemical terms)
(Latin: suffix; ability to, capable of, suitable for; pertaining to, like, belonging to, tending to)
(Greek > Latin: a suffix that is used to form hundreds of words that mean: similar to, resembling, like, characterized by, or of the nature of)
(Old English: a suffix meaning, characteristic of, like, tending to; of or relating to, from; somewhat, approximately; or a verb ending)
(Greek: a suffix; like, resembling, similar to, form)
(Latin: a suffix of adjectives ending in -ory; of or relating to; like; resembling)
(Latin: innermost tunic of the eye; from ret[e], "net" plus -ina, "like")
(Latin: same, like, alike; same time; to appear, to seem; together)
(Latin: of, relating to, or resembling; compound of the suffixes -ule, "little, small" and -ar, "pertaining to, of the nature of, like"; and so, -ular is a combining form meaning: referring to something "specified": appendicular, molecular, pedicular; as well as, a combining form meaning "resembling" something specified: circular, globular, tubular)
(words that don't mean what they look like or what many people assume that they should mean)
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bear-like coat
A double coat consisting of a harsh outer jacket coupled with a soft, dense, woolly undercoat.
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