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lay, lay, lie, lie
lay (LAY) (adjective)
Descriptive of an individual who may perform some activities in a church but who is not ordained: The lay minister read the lesson for the day.
lay (LAY) (verb)
1. To hit, to beat down or to strike: The gang leader threatened to lay Ralph low if he told the police what happened.
2. To place, to set, or to position in a particular location: Please lay all the maps on the table so Tracie can look at them.
3. To impose a duty or a penalty: The government may lay a heavy tax on the importing of machinery.
lie (LIGH) (noun)
A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood: The principal confronted the children, telling them that she did not want to hear a lie from them.
lie (LIGH) (verb)
To assume a horizontal position; such as, for sleep or rest: Cara wants to lie down on the couch for a few minutes because she is too tired to do anything until she is refreshed again.

The child said, "I cannot tell a lie, I did not lay the box carefully on the shelf and that is why it fell off."

lie, lie, lye
lie (LIGH) (noun)
A deceptive or misleading statement, typically spoken on purpose: Marissa told a terrible lie which caused a lot of problems for her sister.
lie (LIGH) (verb)
1. To state something that is false and not based on fact: Allen promised to lie about where Jim's friend was last night.
2. To rest in a recumbent and horizontal position: Lenora decided to lie on the sofa for a few minutes to repose after her busy afternoon.
lye (LIGH) (noun)
The liquid obtained by leaching wood ashes: In the Pioneer Museum, the staff demonstrated how to use lye to make soap.

It would be a lie if Bonita told Trina that she made the lye at home when she actually bought it at the store so she could lie on the sofa sooner.

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(Latin: deception, untrue, incorrect; deceiving; contrary to truth and fact; lie)
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lie (s) (noun), lies (pl)
Falsehoods, untrue exaggerations of reality: Marcel's testimony in court was judged to be nothing but lies.
lie (verb), lies; lay; lying
1. To recline, to place one’s self in a restful or horizontal position: Mother suggested, "Jesse, lie here on the couch until you feel better."

Tasha lay back on the pillows and watched the TV program; in fact, she lies that way quite often.

2. Something that rests flat on a surface: The book lay open on the desk as Lorena took notes for her class assignment.
3. To be kept or to remain in a specific condition situation: Many homes and businesses are lying in ruins from the destruction caused by the tornadoes during these last days.
4. To see or view something in a specific direction or location: As the group of tourists were standing near the rim of the canyon, they could see the river and other scenic areas that lay below them.
lie (verb), lies; lied; lying
To present false information with the intention of deceiving, to speak falsely: Jackson lied to Jill about why he couldn't meet her at the dance.