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lick, lick
lick (LIK) (verb)
1. To pass the tongue over a surface, an object, etc.: The dog wanted to lick its dish before going outside.
2. Informal, to defeat someone in a fight or contest: Sean is bigger, but Florence's brother thinks he can lick the guy in wrestling.
lick (LIK) (noun)
1. An act of passing the tongue over something: The cat gave the bowl a lick.

The dog was trying to get a lick of the cat's eating dish.

2. A small amount: The chair needs just a lick of paint right there on the leg.

Mike hasn't done a lick of work today.

Aunt Polly threatened to lick her nephew if he tried to lick his plate before going out to apply a lick of paint to the fence, but her nephew got distracted with a fight as he tried to lick another boy who called him a bad name.