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lascivious, licentious, lust, lust
lascivious (luh SIV ee uhs) (adjective)
Wanton, lewd, salacious: In the film, Marissa played a character who was described as a lascivious dancer in a night club.
licentious (ligh SEN shuhs) (adjective)
Characteristic of behavior that is considered immoral, illegal, and disregarding rules of a typical society; often with a sexual connotation: The politician was brought before the courts on charges relating to his licentious conduct.
lust (LUHST) (verb)
To desire something very much in a strong way: Some investors lust so much for money that they completely ignore the potential for losses.
lust (LUHST) (noun)
Intense longing or sexual desire: The novel described the lust of the villain for the beautiful and innocent young woman.

The lust of the antagonist in the dime novel knew no bounds, frequently demonstrating a licentious disregard for morality and engaging in lascivious behavior.

licentious (adjective), more licentious, most licentious
1. Pursuing desires aggressively and selfishly without being restricted by moral considerations: The comic hero in the operetta was a licentious character who always was condemned for his immoral behaviors.
2. Abandoned or unrestrained bad behavior that disregards generally acceptable norms of conduct: In the romantic novel of the 18th century, the licentious son of the landowner returned home feeling guilty and begging for the forgiveness of his father for his immoral actions.
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(Greek: Kypris, a name for Venus or Aphrodite; a lewd or licentious woman)