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liberal, libertarian, libertine, liberty
liberal (LIB uhr uhl, LIB ruhl) (adjective)
1. Generous and openhanded: William's father was liberal in his allowance each week.
2. Not exact or precise: The translation of the lecture notes was not liberal but it was meaningful anyway.
3. Broad minded, not traditional: Elisa's upbringing was very liberal.
4. When capitalized, it describes a member of a certain political party in the United Kingdom and in Canada: The Liberal candidate won the election by a wide margin.
libertarian (lib" uhr TAIR ee uhn) (noun)
A supporter of the principles of free will including unrestricted freedoms in thought, deeds, etc.: The actions of a libertarian must be balanced against the protocols and expectations of society.
libertine (LIB uhr teen") (noun)
1. A free thinker in matters of religious thought, a reference that is often used in a disparaging manner: As a devout libertine, Lenora's uncle gained a reputation for being irreverent.
2. An individual who is disdainful of convention and morality: Dale acted as a libertine, exploring the bars and places of poor reputation.
liberty (LIB uhr tee) (noun)
1. Freedom from physical or arbitrary control: Lucinda treasures her liberty, especially after she read the headlines in the newspapers.
2. Opportunity or choice: Karin has the liberty to decide between two careers.
3. Risk, moving away from typical practice: By smoking and heavy drinking, Mark was taking severe liberty with his health.
4. A short, authorized leave, usually in the context of military organizations: Leonard asked for and was granted a 48-hour liberty to visit his family.

The captain of the ship was liberal when he granted shore liberty to the crew; however, he cautioned each one not to act as a libertine even though the captain himself was considered a libertarian.