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level (s) (noun), levels (pl)
1. A part of a structure that is at a specified height: "William and his family were in the restaurant at the top level of the building."
2. A land area of uniform elevation: "The pictures were hung on the wall at eye level."
3. Etymology: The Latin word for a "balance" or "scales" was libra. English took it as The zodiacal sign and it lies behind many terms for units of measurement, including litre, or liter and the abbreviation lb or £ for British currency known as the "pound".

Its diminutive form was libella, which denoted an "instrument for checking horizontally" and hence a "horizontal line".

It passed into Old French as livel; which in modern French has become niveau, "level", and it entered English as level.

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level (verb), levels; leveled (U.S), levelled (British); leveling (U.S.), levelling (British)
1. To knock down with or as if with a blow, to make something flat: "The earthquake leveled the town."
2. To render people or things equal; to equalize: "The mayor wants to level the opportunities for smaller companies to compete against the big companies in the city."
3. To direct something against a person or group: "Several complaints have been leveled against the government for not responding to the economic crisis that is causing so many people to lose their jobs."
4. To speak honestly to someone: "Rebecca's co-worker never leveled with her about backing his car into her vehicle in the parking lot."
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omnicole (verb), omnicoles; omnicoled; omnicoling: layers, levels
1. Living every where or in all places.
2. Thriving on several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another.
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(Latin: "ten" plus "bel" [Alexander Graham Bell]; a list of decibel levels and the examples that show the various decibel scales)
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ambient noise level (s) (noun), ambient noise levels (pl)
The uncontrollable background rackets of sounds in certain areas: For some people, there are ambient noise levels near expressways that can't always be endured or tolerated.
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biosafety levels, BSL
A classification system used to indicate the safety precautions required for those investigating microorganisms; especially, viruses known to be dangerous, or lethal, to those exposed to them.

There are four BSLs, with BSL-4 requiring the highest level of security.

plumb level (s), plumb levels (pl); plumb rule (s), plumb rules (pl) (noun forms)
A level made up of a piece of hardwood or metal fitted with curved glass vials which are oriented horizontally and vertically in order to the frame.

The vials are filled with liquid, and an air bubble is left to aid in the determination of the horizontal plane and highest vertical point.

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energy levels
The energy represented by an electron in the band model of a substance.