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level (verb), levels; leveled (U.S), levelled (British); leveling (U.S.), levelling (British)
1. To knock down with or as if with a blow, to make something flat: "The earthquake leveled the town."
2. To render people or things equal; to equalize: "The mayor wants to level the opportunities for smaller companies to compete against the big companies in the city."
3. To direct something against a person or group: "Several complaints have been leveled against the government for not responding to the economic crisis that is causing so many people to lose their jobs."
4. To speak honestly to someone: "Rebecca's co-worker never leveled with her about backing his car into her vehicle in the parking lot."
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geodetic leveling
Spirit leveling (device or level for determining a true horizontal or vertical reference point) of a high order of accuracy, usually extended over large areas, to furnish accurate vertical control in the vertical dimension for all surveying and mapping operations.

The leveling follows the geoid and its associated irregular level surfaces rather than any mathematically determined spheroid or ellipsoid and associated regular level surfaces.

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