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levee (s) (noun), levees (pl)
1. An embankment raised to prevent a river from overflowing: Regardless of the engineering efforts, the old levees were insufficient to hold back the floods from the heavy rain.
2. A small ridge or raised area bordering an irrigated field: The farmer maintained a levee around his agricultural land.
3. A natural embankment alongside a river, formed by sediment during times of flooding: The children enjoyed looking for and finding interesting little plants and animals in the levees which were created after the deluge during the previous month.
4. A landing place next to a river; a pier: Albert and Janice pulled up their little rowboat to the levee so they could get out have their picnic.
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levee, levy, levy
levee (LEV ee) (noun)
1. A gathering or reception organized by a person of importance, typically first thing in the morning: The governor had his annual levee on New Year’s Day.
2. An embankment or dike to prevent flooding: The engineers designed a new levee on the river after the recent devastating deluge.
levy (LEV ee) (verb)
To collect or to enlist through an order of legal authority: The mayor attempted to levy construction engineers to assist with the building of houses for the homeless.
levy (LEV ee) (noun)
An amount of money that is collected by a government agent: The town clerk was ordered to take in a levy from the local merchants in anticipation of building a new park in the city.

The town council decided to institute a new levy which would be used to reinforce the old levee by the river.

The announcement of the new levy was made at the annual mayor's levee at the recent holiday.