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lethargy (s) (noun), lethargies (pl)
1. A condition of inactivity showing an unusual lack of vigor: Mary woke up much too early in the morning with symptoms of lethargy, feeling extremely tired with a headache and sore eyes.
2. The state of a person being drowsy and dull, listless, indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inaction: Jane didn't have any time for breakfast or lunch and fell into complete lethargy and fatigue in the afternoon.
3. Pathologically, an abnormal state of disorder characterized by overpowering drowsiness or sleep: Lethargy and a total lack of energy set in when the disease Mrs. Smith had became worse.
4. A situation of excessive fatigue or retardation, with diminished physical or mental activity: A person's lethargy might be a result of an organic disease or dysfunction of the nervous system or of a mental illness; such as, depression.
5. Etymology: From Late Latin lethargia, from Greek lethargia, "forgetfulness" from lethargos, "forgetful"; originally, "inactive through forgetfulness", from lethe, "forgetfulness" + argos, "idle".
A condition of being lazy or indifferent.
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A situation of being abnormally drowsy or lacking energy.
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(Latin: blunt, dull; lethargy, lack of energy or interest in doing things)