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lay, lay, lei
lay (LAY) (noun)
The orientation or direction in which a string or cordage is twisted, including the angle of the threads or strands: The sailor was very knowledgeable about the lay of each rope on the ship.
lay (LAY) (verb)
1. To bet: Jim will lay his ten coins that he is right.
2. To put down or to set in an order: Rebekah will lay the table for six people for dinner.

I will lay my books on the desk.
3. To place a burden or punishment on someone: The Sheriff will lay charges of theft against the three men.

lei (LAY, LAY ee) (noun)
A circular arrangement of flowers and foliage for decorative purposes: When Karl went to Hawaii for his vacation, the host gave him a beautiful lei to wear around his neck.

When Aimee visited the cemetery, she decided to lay the lei of flowers on the grave of her grandparents.