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legerdemain (s) (noun), legerdemains (pl)
1. A display of skill or cleverness; especially, for deceitful purposes; trickery; deception: Sharon performed a dazzling show of political legerdemain to be elected as a senator of her state.
2. A sleight of hand; magic tricks; any illusory feat: Hank's skill in legerdemain was amazing; however, he lacked the showmanship necessary to become a professional magician.
3. Any kind of skill by which something happens without it being obvious as to how it is done: There apparently are some economists who use legerdemain to increase profits with their investments.
4. Etymology: from about 1430, "conjuring tricks", from Middle French (as written and spoken approximately between 1400-1600) léger de main, "quick of hand" from léger, "light" in weight. Previously from Latin levis, "light" + Latin main or manus), "hand".
A trick or deceit to accomplish an objective.
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A deceptive performance or accomplishment.
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A display of political cleverness when campaigning for an election.
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