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1. Of or pertaining to law; falling within the province of law.
2. Belonging to or characteristic of the profession of the law.
3. Such as is required or appointed by law; founded upon law; deriving authority from law.
4. Something connected with law; a legal formality; a legal notice.
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(Latin: pertaining to the law, legal)
(Latin: city: big town, metropolitan area; citizen: a legal resident or inhabitant)
(Latin: judicial decision, verdict; object of reproach, judgement; legal offense, fault, accusation)
(Latin: right, upright, equitable; legal right, law)
(Latin: carry on a legal suit, lawsuit; quarrel, contention)
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legal fraud (s), legal frauds (pl) (noun forms)
Consisting of acts, omissions, or concealments involving breach of equitable or legal duty, trust, or confidence.
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