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lead, lead, lead, led, LED
lead (LEED) (verb)
1. To guide or to direct by going ahead or advancing first: The natives will lead us through the jungle.
2. To take action towards a goal: The contract negotiations with the union should lead to a settlement of grievances.
lead (LEED) (noun)
1. The introductory news story of importance: The lead in the morning edition of the paper was about the fire in the factory.
2. A length of rope or cord measured from end to end: The lead for the pony was short so the groom could guide it in a circle.
lead (LED) (noun)
A soft, gray metal (Pb) that is used for solder, in batteries, and in shields for radiation purposes: Before having an X-ray, the technician placed a shield of lead over the patient’s throat.

Karin's heart felt like lead when she heard the news of the accident that her friend was in.

led (LED) (verb)
1. Guided or advanced: Shawn and his friends were led through the crowd to a nice table in the restaurant.
2. To have completed action towards a goal: The path up the mountain led to the summit from which we had a glorious view.
LED (LED) (adjective)
When capitalized, LED is an acronym for "Light Emitting Diode" which is a semiconductor diode used in electronic displays; such as, a digital watch: Lottie says it is easy to read her small LED timepiece.

In the past, Craig led in this kind of race but now, if he wants to lead, he will have to quit dragging his feet as if they were made of lead.