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lather, leather
lather (LATH uhr, sounded as with then or father) (noun)
1. Soapy foam that is created when soap is agitated in water: Nathan used a shaving brush to create a soft lather before shaving his face.
2. A condition of agitation or distress; a nervous excitement: Trisha was all in a lather about the way the furniture was delivered.
leather (LETH uhr, sounded as with then or father) (noun)
Animal skin that has been cured for making objects; for example, shoes: Bruce worked in a tannery, preparing the leather to be used in the manufacture of sofas.

The old fashioned barber worked up the lather on the face of his customer and sharpened the straight edged razor on the leather strap.

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(Greek: skin, membrane, leather; protective fetal membrane)
(Latin: skin; hide, leather; the hide stripped off)
(Greek > Latin > French: leather, prepared hide, membrane)
(Latin: helmet, helmet shaped, to cover with a helmet; cap; used primarily in zoology and botany with phases of sense development that seem to have been: weasel, weasel's skin or hide, leather, and then a helmet made of leather; by extension, it also means "cat, cats" in some words)
(Greek: little bag, bag; bladder, pouch; bladder like, sac like; from leather bag, wine skin)
(Latin: the pouch that holds the testes; a purse; probably a variant of scortum, "a skin, hide"; or of scrautum, "a leather bag for holding arrows"; akin to scrupus, "a sharp stone")