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leased, least
leased (LEEST) (verb)
To arrange to rent or to use property or equipment for a fixed period of time and for a specific cost: The farmer leased a new tractor to use during the busy harvesting season.
least (LEEST) (adjective)
Describing something that is the smallest in size or the lowest in importance: Getting a new car is the least of my concerns.

Compared to the other puppies, "Spot" was the least of the litter.

The farmer had leased the large fallow field to his neighbor whose field was flooded; the farmer stated it was the least that he could do to support his friend.

least, lest
least (LEEST) (adverb)
Used for stressing how small an item is or accenting how slight a quantity or degree can be: It is at least twice as cold today as it was yesterday.
lest (LEST) (conjunction)
1. Used to indicate fear that something private or negative will be discovered: Luis tiptoed into the house lest the children would hear him.
2. Used as an expression suggesting fear or worry: Martin was worried lest he lose his job because he was late two days in a row.

At the least suggestion of production cutbacks, the man started to worry lest he lose his position as manager.