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(Greek: laugh, laughter, laughing)
(Latin: to laugh, laugh at; capable of exciting laughter; laughing)
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laugh (verb), laughs; laughed; laughing
Expressing being happy by believing that some comment or act is very amusing and thereby resulting in a loud utterance or outcry: The people in the auditorium were laughing as if they were out of control.

Mary couldn't stop laughing when she saw what Bruce was wearing.

Susan commented, "Come on, Ralph, do you have to laugh so much? Myrna couldn't help dropping the cake when she tripped on the edge of the rug!"

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laugh all the way to the bank (informal saying or idiom), laughs all the way to the bank; laughed all the way to the bank; laughing all the way to the bank
Having made a lot of money; especially, when doing something that other people consider to be foolish: There were those who thought Celeste's investment in the company was stupid, but now she's laughing all the way to the bank.