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laudable, laudatory
laudable (LAW duh buhl) (adjective)
Describing something which merits praise and worthy comment: Alan's performance in the equestrian events was laudable and brought him the blue ribbon award.
laudatory (LAW duh tor" ee, LAW duh tohr" ee) (adjective)
Concerning something that expresses praise or commendation: Celeste's speech was overflowing with laudatory comments about her colleagues.

The laudable result of the students at the Junior Science Fair was reflected in the laudatory comments which the school principal made.

laudatory (adjective), more laudatory, most laudatory
1. Relating to approval which is full of praise: Carol's boss was quick to make laudatory comments about her good work.
2. A reference to speech or writing expressing or conferring praise: The critic wrote a laudatory review of the new play that was performed recently.

Martha was overwhelmed by the speaker's laudatory remarks regarding her volunteer work.

Characteristic of expressing high praise.
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