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latitude (LAT i tood", LAT i tyood") (s) (noun), latitudes (pl)
1. The scope for freedom of; such as, action or thought; freedom from restrictions: As a teacher, Jill was allowed a certain amount of leeway or latitude in deciding what methods and technical devices she could use in her classes at school.
2. The angular distance between an imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator and the equator itself: The span designating the horizontal intervals of latitude around the earth are measured in degrees and minutes.
3. Enough scope or leeway for some freedom of choice, action, or thinking: Shirley loves her job because she is allowed a lot of latitude in creating new approaches to achieve her objectives.
4. The degree of overexposure or underexposure that light-sensitive material can accommodate and still provide an acceptable image: Mary took the pictures hoping that the latitude in the film would be appropriate in producing a good contrast in the photographs.
5. In medical radiology, the range of and exposure that can produce a technically correct radiograph: With the technology involving x-rays, the latitude is also it's recording capability, providing the differences in density.
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latitude (s) (noun), latitudes (pl)
latitude, longitude
latitude (LAT i tood", LAT i tyood) (noun)
1. Freedom of choice or opportunity: The school curriculum gave the teachers considerable latitude in terms of planning daily lessons.
2. In geography, an imaginary line that is drawn around the earth parallel to the equator and forming uniform distances from each other: The line of latitude on the map went right through Abigail's town which was indicated on the map.
longitude (LAHN ji tood", LAHN ji tyood") (noun)
On a map, an imaginary ring that is drawn around the earth, passing through both poles and which is at right angles to the equator: Lines of longitude are useful to identify one’s location on a north to south axis.

Marissa's geography teacher always told her students, "Remember, longitude is like L-O-N-G lines stretching from pole to pole; lines of latitude choose to wind around the earth."

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geocentric latitude (s) (noun), geocentric latitudes (pl)
1. In astronomy, the angular distance in degrees which a celestial object lies north or south of the earth's equator.
2. In geodesy, the angle formed with the major axis of the ellipse (stretched circle with slightly longer, flatter sides) by the radius vector (magnitude and a direction) from the center of the ellipse to the given point.
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The angular distance of a point from the earth's equator, measured upon the earth's surface.
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celestial latitude
The angular distance between a celestial body and the ecliptic, measured along a line at right angles to the ecliptic, which passes through both celestial poles. Its symbol is the Greek letter β or beta.
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