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(Latin > French: pour, melt, blend)
(Latin > French: to be, about to be; future)
(Latin > French: bluish, livid; of a bluish-leaden color)
(Latin > French: wholesale slaughter, carnage; slaughterhouse, butchery)
(Latin > French: done in exchange; reciprocal; with the same feelings or relationships; shared by two people or groups, in common with each other)
(Latin > French: to seek amusement, literally, "to carry oneself in the opposite direction")
(Latin > French: device for calculating a distance traveled (in a vehicle for hire) and the corresponding fare is charged)
(Latin > French: flow, wave, billow)
(Latin > Medieval Latin > French: growing together, merging, combining, uniting)
(Greek > Latin > French: bind by oath; calling up or driving out of [evil] spirits)
(Greek > Latin > French: a rounded projection, especially a rounded projecting anatomical part; such as, lobe of the ear, lobe of the liver, lobe of the lung; seed, pod)
(Greek > Latin > French: the tree Olea europaea, used in its etymological sense)
(Greek > Latin > French: excitement or violent action in an organ or part)
(Greek > Latin > French: beside, alongside)