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last, last, latest, latest
last (LAST) (verb)
To continue in a fresh, unimpaired state, for a long period of time: Grace said, "Trina, if you change the water daily, the beautiful flowers will last for at least a week."
last (LAST) (noun)
1. A form made of metal, wood, plastic, etc. that is shaped like the human foot and is used to create or to mend footwear: The cobbler used a wooden last to make the fine leather shoes.
2. Being at the end of something or at the final point: Despite Harry's best efforts, he was the last to finish the race.
latest (LAY tist) (noun)
The most recent or nearest in order of time: This tractor, which is the newest model, is the latest in farm equipment.
latest (LAY tist) (adjective)
Recently developed or considered most fashionable: Marina always wore the latest style in clothes and had shoes to match.

The cobbler used a hand carved last to make shoes for the dancer which incorporated the latest technology for comfort and safety.

When the job was finished, he commented, "These shoes should last you for a long time."

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late (adjective), later, latest
1. A reference to that which exists close to the end of a time period: The thunder storms happened in late summer.

Randy's back problems started when he was in his late fifties.

2. A descriptive term for something that happens after a normal, desired, or expected time: Norma's flight landed a half hour later than scheduled.

Jeremy was late with his car payment; so, the company sent someone out to get the car back.