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lateral (LAT uhr uhl) (adjective)
1. The direction toward or nearer the side and away from the midline.

The lateral ligament of the knee is near the side of the leg.

Lateral is the opposite of medial and bilateral means relating to, or having, two sides.

2. Etymology: from Latin lateralis, "belonging to the side"; from latus, lateris, "side".
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lateral, literal
lateral (LAT uhr uhl) (adjective)
Relating to something situated on or at the side: In the mine, the engineers dug a lateral shaft to explore for silver ore.
literal (LIT uhr uhl) (adjective)
Referring to the most typical, most common, and most basic meaning of terms or expressions: While writing an essay for school, Nikki tried hard to maintain a literal description of the events without exaggerating.

Luis said he was using the word in its literal or actual sense.

The professor encouraged lateral thinking in the course on creative problem solving; however, there was one jokester who tried to be literal and changed his seat, moving to the side of the room.

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intermedio-lateral, intermediolateral
Both intermediate and lateral; applied specifically to the tract of nerve cells that constitutes the lateral grey column of the spinal cord.
lateral meniscus of the knee (s) (noun), lateral menisci of the knees (pl)
Thickened crescent-shaped cartilage pads in the outer portions of the joints formed by the femurs (thigh bones) and the tibias (shin bones): Each lateral meniscus of the knee acts as a smooth surface for its coupling to move properly.

The lateral menisci of the knees are toward the outer sides of the knee couplings and they serve to evenly load the surfaces during the body's weight-bearing, and also aid in providing fluids for the lubrications of the contacting points.

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Toward the left or right side of the body, as opposed to the medial or "middle" of the body.
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A reference to the side.
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cleavage of lateral epitaxial films for transfer; CLEFT
A process for making inexpensive Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) photovoltaic cells in which a thin film of GaAs is grown on top of a thick, single-crystal GaAs (or other suitable material) substrate and then is cleaved from the substrate and incorporated into a cell, allowing the substrate to be reused to grow more thin-film GaAs.

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