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lassitude (LAS i tood", LAS i tyood") (s) (noun), lassitudes (pl)
1. A condition or feeling of weariness; diminished energy: Harry's lassitude was caused by overworking on too many things in a short time.
2. A weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy: Lassitude is a condition of extreme fatigue or lethargy.
3. A state of comatose torpor; such as that which is found in sleeping sickness: Symptoms of Bert's illness resulted in his being pale and having extreme lassitude.
4. Etymology: from Middle French lassitude; from Latin lassitudinem, lassitudo, "faintness, weariness"; from lassus, "faint, tired, weary".
A condition of fatigue or weariness.
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A lack of energy.
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