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larynx (s), larynges (pl)
1. The organ of voice production.
2. The part of the respiratory tract between the pharynx and the trachea.

It consists of a framework of cartilages and elastic membranes housing the vocal folds and the muscles that control the position and tension of these elements.

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electronic larynx
1. An appliance used by those without vocal cords to stimulate speech through the use of an electronically controlled artificial larynx inside a tube or outside the voice box.
2. An electronically actuated substitute for the human larynx, designed for people who have lost the use of their vocal cords.

A pulse generator feeds the entire spectrum of voice frequencies into the throat through either a tube inserted into the mouth or with a small loudspeaker held against the throat.

The resulting sound waves in the throat are formed into words essentially by the normal movements of the jaws, the lips, and the tongue.

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