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largess, largesse, largest
largess (lahr ZHES, lahr JES, LAHR jes") (noun)
A generous gift, often money, to someone in a poor economic situation: The bank manager’s largess towards the merchant, whose business was having financial difficulties, was admirable.
largesse (lahr ZHES, lahr JES, LAHR jes") (noun)
A variation in the spelling of "largess", the act of giving away money or the quality of the person who gives money away: Nathan relied on the largesse of friends after he lost his job.
largest (LAHRJ ist) (adjective)
Descriptive of a size or amount greater than the others of the same category; the superlative form: Etta was so hungry that she took the largest, or biggest, portion of dessert which was on the platter.

The largest donor to the ballet company was well-known for her civic largess to many worthy causes.