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large (adjective), larger, largest
1. A reference to being greater than average size, extent, quantity, or amount: A large room, a large corporation, a large glass of water. 2. Pertaining to being greater than average scope, breadth, or capacity; comprehensive.
3. Relating to something that is important; significant; fairly large or important in effect or influence.
4. Comparatively big in size, number, or quantity, or bigger in size, number, or quantity than is usually expected: Which city has the largest population?
> 5. The greatest in size of things or objects which are under consideration: It was the largest bird Irene has ever seen. 6. Etymology: "bountiful", from Old French large, "broad, wide"; from Latin largus, "abundant, copious, plentiful, liberal".
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larger (adjective)
1. Characteristic of being bigger in relation to something else that is big: Sharon is planning to have a larger or more active role in physical training.
2. Greater than being big in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.
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(Latin: larger, greater)
(Latin: [larger] shinbone;)
(Latin: to become greater or larger in amount or size, to grow, to multiply, to increase; to reproduce)
(Greek: narrow passage or ridge; narrow passage or strip [especially of bodily tissue] connecting two larger entities)
(Latin: branch, branches, or a forked structure; ramus (singular), rami (plural); a general term for a smaller structure given off by a larger one, or into which the larger structure; such as, a blood vessel or nerve, divides)
(Latin: elbow; larger bone of the forearm [from Greek: olene])
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larger than life or larger-than-life (adjective) (no comparatives)
1. Bigger than the size of an actual person or thing: Of course, the statue is larger than life.
2. Someone who has an unusually exciting, impressive, or appealing quality: Jim's father was a remarkable man who always seemed to be larger than life to his children.

This adjectival expression is hyphenated (larger-than-life) when it is placed immediately before the noun which it modifies.

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