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lard (s) (noun), lards (pl)
1. A white, slightly soft, rendered pork used in cooking and baking and as a base in some ointments and perfumes.
2. The purified internal fat of the abdomen of the hog: This lard is used for cooking.
3. Also, "adeps", denoting fat or "adipose" tissue; the rendered fat of swine; lard, used in the preparation of ointments.
4. Etymology: from Middle English; which came from Old French, "bacon"; from Latin lardum, laridum; related to Greek larinos. "fat".
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lard (verb), lards; larded; larding
1. To insert strips of fat or bacon in other meat before cooking.
2. To smear or to cover food with lard or fat; usually, to prevent it from drying out during storage.
3. To embellish or to make a speech or writing more interesting with a variety of expressions: Mike's speech was larded with quotations from from famous authors.
4. To present or to excessively include a great deal: The pages of the politician's written speech were larded with may corrections and deletions before he finally had what he wanted to present to his audience.
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