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languish, languishes, languished, languishing (verb forms)
1. To exist, or to remain, in an unpleasant, difficult, or unwanted situation, sometimes for a long time: "He is an innocent man who has been languishing in prison for the past ten years."
2. To have a desire for something or someone who is not present.
3. To become feeble, to degenerate, to deteriorate, or to grow worse: With such good medical care, he should have been gaining strength, but instead he has been languishing.
4. To remain unattended to or be neglected: "There is legislation that has continued to languish in committee for months."
5. Etymology: "fail in strength, exhibit signs of approaching death", from languiss-, languir, "to be listless"; from Vulgar Latin languire, which came from Latin languere, "to be weak" or "to faint".
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(Latin: waste away, decaying, languishing)
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languishing eyes
An expression of appealing for sympathy.
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