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lamella (s), lamellae (pl)
1. A thin plate, scale, membrane, or layer, as of bone, tissue, or cell walls.
2. A thin scale, plate, or layer of bone or tissue, as in the gills of a bivalve mollusk or around the minute vascular canals in bone.
3. In mosses, a thin sheet of cells standing up along the midrib of a leaf.
4. In building trades, a member of wood, metal, or reinforced concrete, joined in a crisscross pattern with other lamellae to form a vault.
5. In ophthalmology, a small disk of gelatin and glycerin mixed with a medicinal substance, used as a medicament for the eyes.

From Latin, lamina, lammina, or lamna; a plate or thin piece of wood, metal, marble, a saw blace, or the thin shell of fruit.

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