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lacustrine: lakes
Of or pertaining to a lake or lakes.

A reference, especially, to plants and animals inhabiting lakes, and the geology of strata, etc.; which originated by deposition at the bottom of lakes; also with reference to lake-dwellings; such as those of prehistoric Europe.

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Word Entries containing the term: “lakes
allotrophic lake (s) (noun), allotrophic lakes (pl)
A lake receiving organic materials by drainage from the surrounding land.
autotrophic lake (s) (noun), autotrophic lakes (pl)
A lake in which all or most of the organic matter present is derived from within the lake and not from drainage off the surrounding land.
deflation lake (s) (noun), deflations lakes (pl)
A lake in a basin that was formed primarily by wind erosion; especially, in arid or semiarid regions.
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delta lake (s) (noun), delta lakes (pl)
A lake that is formed along the edge of or within a delta.
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