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lain, lane
lain (LAYN) (verb)
1. Having remained in a reclining or flat position: Abigail had lain in bed for two weeks before she recovered from the flu.

The books have lain on the table in the library for several days before they were put back on the shelves.

2. Having been in a defenseless or weakened position: The flooding was caused because the town had lain in the path of the river.
lane (LAYN) (noun)
1. A narrow or specified route or passage: The car drove down the narrow lane which was lined with hedges.

The shipping lane was marked on the map.

2. The narrow passage lined with hardwood typically used for bowling, a game involving the rolling of a ball towards objects with the purpose of knocking over as many as possible: Travis is anxious to bowl and therefore he will use the first lane that becomes available.

The popular walker's lane was near the river and it was lain open for flooding when the river overflowed the banks after a heavy rain.