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lade, laid
lade (LAYD) (verb)
To place on or to load for shipment: The sailors lade the heavy cargo of bricks at the bottom of the freighter for ballast.
laid (LAYD) (verb)
1. Placed or deposited: The hen laid her eggs in a straw-lined nest.

The workers laid the train tracks in the mountains.

2. Having made bets or gambled: At the racetrack, Ryan laid his wager on the red horse with the white blaze on its forehead.
3. To have placed a duty or burden on an individual: After the explosion, the blame was laid on the contractors for their poor installation.
4. Prepared or made ready: Dennis laid a fire in the fireplace to warm up the room.
5. To present information for review and judgment: Keith laid the facts before the judge during the trial.

The stevedores lade the heavy crates onto the ship. They laid them on the deck and then they laid bets among themselves to see if the crates would slide around.

If they fell off the ship, the responsibility for the mishap would be laid on management which had not laid secure plans for the voyage.