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knave, nave
knave (NAYV) (noun)
1. A humble man or a clever trickster: Mike was a clever knave and entertained the visiting royalty to their delight.
2. A rogue or a rascal; a dishonest person; a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel: The knave was caught trying to put his hand into the woman's purse to steal her money while he was pretending to help her across the street.
3. One of four cards in a set of playing cards depicting a jokester or trickster: When Karin was playing cards, she had one knave, or jack, and was hoping to collect the other three.
nave (NAYV) (noun)
The central interior of a church where the congregation sits on pews and which is divided by an aisle in the middle: Myrna walked down the nave of the church admiring the fine stained glass windows on both sides.

The knave was caught hiding in the nave of the church.