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cleptomania, kleptomania (s) (noun); cleptomanias, kleptomanias (pl)
An irresistible tendency to steal in which someone steals not because of necessity but as a result of some compulsion.

The bibliokleptomania page is available. A true story about a cleptomaniac or art thief.

cleptomania, kleptomania (s) (noun); cleptomanias, kleptomanias (pl)
Cleptomaniac in action.

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kleptomania (s) (noun), kleptomanias (pl)
An irresistible tendency to steal, not because of a necessity, but as a result of a mental compulsion: Sam was concerned about the unusual amount of jewelry that he found in the cupboard and wondered if his partner was experiencing an episode of kleptomania and was stealing items from the flea markets.
The theft of things that are not needed.
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(Latin: steal, pilfer; thievish, kleptomania, thief)
(taking it even when it is not needed)
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kleptomania (only singular)
A persistent neurotic compulsion to steal for no economic gain. (1)