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ion kinetic energy spectrometry
1. In spectroscopy, a spectroscopic technique for analyzing the energy of ionic products produced when a beam of ions having high kinetic energy is passed through a field-free reaction chamber.
2. A spectrometric technique that uses a beam of ions of high kinetic energy passing through a field-free reaction chamber from which ionic products are collected and energy analyzed.

It is a generalization of metastable ion studies in which both uni-molecular and bi-molecular reactions are investigated.

kinetic action
In an article by Julian E. Barnes about the Somali pirates (LA Times, April 14, 2009; page one, below the fold), a senior U.S. military official was quoted about internal deliberations on condition of anonymity. "Bringing them in closer gave them a smoother ride.... Also, if we had to take kinetic action; as we did in this case, the shot would have greater potential for success."
—Contributed by William Solberg, Los Angeles, California.
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kinetic energy
1. When something moves, it is said to have kinetic energy.

To make a moving car stop, all its kinetic energy must be converted into other forms by heating up the brakes, for example.

2. The energy that a moving body possesses because of its motion, dependent on its mass and the rate at which it is moving; equal to 1/2 mv2, where m is mass and v is velocity.
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